How do you intend to use the site?

eCrop - Producer

As a producer, you will be allowed to build an online profile for your farm and management this profile. Data created under your profile will be linked to a general database which will allow for anyone using the site to view projection dates and quantities for any farm, yours included. This will be to your advantage in that it provides for better planning on your part and increase market access to any potential buyer using this site. In other words you will be able to sell your crops in advance.


eCrop - Buyer

As a buyer, you will be able to view in advance crops which are available on ground by specific dates. You will also be able to plan in advance your purchases, thus allowing you to better streamline your operations. Manufacturers will also be able to minimize any risk associated with supply issues now that data can be provided in advance as to what is available on ground. Buyers will also get access to any farmer/producer using this site to arrange direct purchases.


Money Tree

Register your fruit tree(s) under our "Money Tree" initiative and give yourself the opportunity to earn extra money. When you register your tree with us, your tree now becomes visible to a host of buyers such as Chefs, Exporters and Agro-processors who will be more than happy to convert your fruit tree into cash for you. Don't let those fruits spoil, you would only be throwing away money. Register your tree(s) now!